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Quality equipment, professional service, great results. What I learned from friends, colleagues and family about pool installations is they tend to start late and finish later. This isn't necessarily a reflection on the contractor, but rather the uncontrollable factors that affect the timeline and the need to manage multiple customers at once to be a viable, healthy business.

The factors that impacted my project were weather, subcontractor labor shortages, and supply chain. I work for a manufacturing company and can appreciate the supply chain and labor challenges and COVID changed the market, and these challenges persist. As a result of all that, a 3-week job turned into 2 months. I wanted to host a grand party and the 4th of July party both came and went with the delays and frustrations mounted. Sometimes the stars do align and a job goes exactly as planned, but that wasnâ t my case. During it all, Andrew (owner) stayed in touch and returned my texts if I sent him a question or concern.

I say all this upfront for perspective. There are factors outside of everyoneâ s control and (again) I am not the only customer. When pool equipment was late coming in, I didnâ t expect Andrew to halt all other business because, well, there is a business to run still. The easy response is that delays are not my problem and figured it out, but we stayed in constant communication and worked together on getting it to the finish line. When the job finished and we had our first pool party with friends and family, I was 100% happy and reminded myself that we have decades of pool seasons ahead. Just like the delays I experienced when building my home and getting furniture, all is right with the world when it is complete. The wait is worth it. Andrew's team was always courteous, took the time to answer all my questions and show me how to use the equipment and apply best practice techniques to maintain the pool during the season. I am amazed at how light touch that maintenance is. Salt systems are a huge part of that, and the Jandy pool and heater systems are intuitive and simple to use. Our pool is approximately 16" x 40" with an 8â deep end and integrated spa and it was bathed in a matter of hours from a cold state. When the iAqualink app was set up and connected to my WiFi network, I could control the pump system and bounce between settings for pool use and pool not in use. The app will also provide information back to the Pool Doctor team as needed to help maintain the system. Part of this ease of use is Andrewâ s team proactively checking in to make sure everything is working properly and the water is treated properly.

Basically, my job is to skim, vacuum and swim. Simple and fun! The cement work has brought many compliments: the surface, including the cantilever edging has a slate look to it in terms of texture and color. When it gets another seal coat in the spring, I'll be adding some grit to it for added grip. It can be slippery when wet. The sound system, landscaping, grill gazebo, adjacent patio room, and lights in and around the pool add to the ambiance and create the resort atmosphere that was desired. Closing the pool took a couple hours and the team walked me through the process to give me a general understanding of what it entailed. Even though I'll use them for openings and closings going forward, I appreciated the walkthrough and understanding that they gave me.

So, if I had to start over, would I still go back to Pool Doctor? The answer is yes. The confidence in that answer only grows when I hear from my work colleagues and friends about their pool installation experiences and MORE importantly are the quality results I got. I am looking forward to Spring!

Anthony D. Waterford, PA

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Awesome pool guy! We have received the most awesome service from Andrew and his guys. We will continue to use them.

Jayne W

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“I purchased a new sand filter and salt chlorinator and a dolphin vacuum. My pool looks better than it ever has.

Julie F

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I would highly recommend the pool doctor for any of your pool needs!! Whether it's simple repairs to complete custom builds you can't go wrong with the pool doctor!!!”

Paul G

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Reliable and knowledgeable are the first two words I would use to describe the Pool Doctor. They completed a liner replacement, installed a salt system as well as a new pump and heater for me last year. They always showed up when promised and fixed every issue I was faced with. I recommend them to all my buyers and sellers that have pools.

Seth T

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I cannot thank them enough for the quick response on their service call! Not only are they extremely busy but he took the time to get the approval from my warranty company and is installing it the same day....talk about EXCELLENT customer service!

Carrie H

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“If you are looking to install, update, or service a pool, go with Andrew and his crew from Pool Doctor. Professional, experienced, and efficient is how I would describe their work. If you still have a chlorine pool, update to salt as soon as possible. They opened our pool this yea, installed an updated filter and converted the pool to salt. Everyone loved our pool and it was super easy to care for..... NO CHEMICALS to add ever. We will be resurfacing the pool next season and without a doubt I know who we will use. Lisa, Andrew, and the guys are simply amazing. Have pool needs, use Pool Doctor.

Jack P

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“I have a 40+ year old pool with a poured concrete floor and stainless steel panels around the sides. It has been leaking and getting steadily worse for several years, confounding other pool professionals and plumbers.

The Pool Doctor was prompt, gave a reasonable quote, got started quickly, worked neatly and professionally to complete a drain/prep/seal/paint/fill in 8 days! From the start of draining my leaky pool, I have a beautiful blue pool with clear water and no discernible leaks whatsoever.

These guys are great to work with and saved me from excavating my pool return line as another "professional" had suggested. I highly recommend them.

Bob L

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Andrew and his team are great!!! Very efficient and super informative on all the newest things coming out!!! I would highly recommend them for anything from getting a new pool to maintaining an old one.

Maria K

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“Andrew and his team have helped me open and close my pool for 17years! They are prompt, helpful and very knowledgeable! When I was first learning all the in and outs of operating my pool they were so helpful and never made me feel stupid for calling them over what was something “simple”. They came whenever I had an “emergency “and always have the answer fast. Andrew is current on all the new trends and equipment. He can help you with anything from pool chemicals to parts and service plus installation on the best new pools out there. Trust your pool to Andrew and his team. ! The pool doctor. #1 in my book!

Sandy R

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“Andrew helped us with a simple fix for our pool that didnt break the bank. Andrew cares about clients and isn't trying to nickle and dime pool owners.

Christina F

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Andrew and The Pool Doctor team are prompt, courteous, and professional! They have been servicing our inground pool for many years. Andrew is extremely knowledgeable regarding the latest pool trends and all of the most current products. I highly recommend Andrew and the team for all of your family’s pool needs.

Jon R

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Andrew and the young men who did the work were wonderful. These young men were so polite, knowledgeable friendly and neat. Work was completed in a timely manner. Andrew kept in touch with me by email which saved both of us time. I hope to have him again next year to do additional work on the coping. We were very satisfied. Looking forward to opening the pool next year. I have no doubt that he will check with us at that time to check the paint.”

Ron S

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“They came in after another pool service didn't finish the job, fast & a great job was done, then they came back & fix a problem with my heater,that is working & my stuff is 15 years old . They have the know now.”

Dave B

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They worked very diligently & knew what they were doing.

Isabel O

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They came in when they said they would and worked all day replacing the liner in brutally hot and humid weather. They made corrections where the previous contractor had omitted stuff.

Edward H

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