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There are 3 basic types of pool/spa filtration systems . . .
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  1. DE (Diatomaceous Earth) - The best filtration system available today is DE in either vertical grid or the perflex finger system. The filter is pre-coated with a layer of DE, and as water passes through the filter the dirt is trapped in the layer of DE. When the DE can't handle any more dirt, the filter is either backwashed or taken apart and cleaned.

Jandy Diatomaceous Earth Filter
DE filters filter out the finest particles of any filter. Maintenance is also higher as occasional or frequent cleaning may be needed, plus recharging with fresh DE every time the unit is backwashed.

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2. Cartridge Filters - Simple effective filtration, with minimal maintenance. As water passes through the filter, dirt is trapped by the cartridge. As the filter pressure rises approximately 10 psi over the initial pressure, the cartridge is removed and hosed off. The life span of a cartridge is typically 2 summers. Other than an O ring , a cartridge system has few parts which would need replacing.

Jandy Cartridge Filter

3. Sand Filters - Probably the most common of filters in use today. Of the three filteration systems, sand is the least effective as far as the size of particles its able to filter, which will take longer filtration cycles to clear a cloudy pool and maintain a clear pool. As water passes through the sand, the sand traps the dirt. After the pressure gauge rises several psi, the sand is backwashed for a few minutes, and then returned to filter mode. Yearly maintenance is minimal with several parts that could need replaced, plus manufacturers recommend the sand be changed in the filter every 5 years.

Jandy Side Mount
Sand Filter



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